Why yet another job board?

This page in a nutshell: It's free for employers and job seekers. It's an alternative to the commercialised and employer-centric world of remote jobs boards that prefer quantity over quality but suck at both. We deserve better.

If you're happy with the current state of remote jobs, maybe the article is not for you?

Seriously, below I try to prove the point of how far are we from the revolution in remote work. Not because we don't want it but because there's not even one good website that offers decent usability for remote job search.

Let's get back to the topic. So, why yet another job board?

Toy Theorem is the first job board that cares about job seeker's time and comfort. Sounds daring, stupid, and naive. Somewhere here should be "buy now" or "contact sales" button.

Sorry, no "buy now" buttons on the website. But hold on. Why sorry? Isn't it good to have some fresh air and finally see a product that's not build to suck employers money and promote substandard job postings to millions of people around the world? I hope it is.

I'm not a "disruptor", "evangelist", "influencer", or CEO and founder of my Wordpress blog. I'm just a remote worker who thinks that we deserve better job ads. Maybe I'm too optimistic, but I think that companies are ready to rethink the way they hire with the right tool available for this.

We are living on the edge of revolutionary changes in how people collaborate. Finally, "work from anywhere" doesn't sound like madness to more and more employers. The future of remote work is bright. The future of remote job search is blurry. How come? 

  1. Existing boards for remote jobs are created for employers, not for job seekers. They aim to increase the number of postings at all cost. At the expense of quality.
  2. Low-quality postings. Because boards don't ask for essential details about the opening or because not all employers are totally transparent? Regardless of the cause, a job seeker is the one to deal with consequences.
  3. Thousands of great jobs are spread among different websites, platforms, and social media posts. 
  4. Giants, like Indeed or Glassdoor, don't even bother to add a proper filter for remote positions or it doesn't work. Looking for a remote job? Welcome to Remote, Oregon!

Open any remote jobs board and browse 10 listings. Do they have sufficient information? Do you think the board cares about this? Do you think they will stop publishing jobs like these? 

Unfortunately, none of the existing job boards cares or (more importantly) does anything to prevent this. Outdated listings, with no information about salary, role responsibilities, hiring process etc., are considered standard nowadays.

That's why I feel that everything they post about love for the fantastic community and remote culture is BS. If they cared about the community, they'd never post rubbish jobs.

We can keep complaining of how bad they are, which won't make the situation any better, or we can create an alternative. No sooner said than done. Ladies and gentlemen, Toy Theorem is at your service.

How does it work for job seekers?

It's a place where we don't scroll posts in despair for hours to find one that really suits our skills, all essential details are required to fill out. No ridiculous posts either. We are in control of what is published. This will save our time and efforts, and shift minds of more and more companies towards transparency.

How does it work for employers?

It costs nothing to add a posting to Toy Theorem. In return, we'll ask only for a decent description of open positions. It's a place where you will have the right tools and motivation to be transparent and accurate. You are not limited by the amount of money you can pay. The only thing needed is the willingness to show you want to hire the best candidates because your job postings are the best.

Who are we?

This website is built and maintained by one person who believes looking for a job should not be painful. I'm not a professional programmer but I can confirm modern frameworks make software development easier than it looks. If you see me using "we" it's just to show my dog and cat made their contributions.

I've just finished so let's call it a beta version. The service is free for all, but it's possible that some paid features will be added in the future.

Thanks for reading! I hope this "our story" page was worth your time.

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