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There are simple rules that make job search on Toy Theorem efficient. All postings are transparent, honest, and straight to the point. We've just launched and actively looking for employers who are hiring remotely. Feel free to reach out.

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How is Toy Theorem different?

Reliable and transparent. All essential job details are always available.

You don't have to waste your time applying to jobs that don't meet your expectations. On Toy Theorem, we believe that each candidate deserves to know complete information about any opening. Invest your time and effort wisely. Work with employers or candidates who value their time high enough to post or consider only high-quality job ads.

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Free for everyone. Post or find quality jobs without fees.

It's not a matter of the $300 fee. It's a matter of trust and mutual respect between employer and job seeker. We think that the way popular job boards make money doesn't make much sense. Let's figure out together the win-win solution. Until then, this website is free for all.

Free for everyone.

Driven by common sense. The remote community deserves a better job board.

As a job seeker, do you prefer lots of "competitive salary and face-paced environment" postings or less is good if they are flawless? As an employer, do you favour your inbox piled with applications or prefer a few that fit your role perfectly? Our way depends on your feedback. Let us know your opinion.

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Remote work: is it for everyone?

I recognize remote work as a sign of freedom, flexibility, and mutual trust that should fit everyone. I've read several articles that imply this isn't so. Let's look at this claim closer.

This is what a job description should look like

Yesterday, I got a message on LinkedIn with a job offer. I'm not looking for a new job at the moment, but my natural curiosity doesn't let me ignore recruiters. So I asked for the details, and the next day they were in my inbox.

Is the job you're applying to still relevant?

Finding out that you've applied to a position that is no longer relevant is frustrating. Many websites pay this issue no attention and are built in a way that makes job search extremely inefficient.